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... energy, creativity, passion, purpose

Working As Entrepreneurs

Photography and Video Services

Visuals with a purpose ... Yours

Sell more product and service

Enhance brand recognition

I get the juice 

working with business owners  &  producing impactful work

Entrepreneur You

I get juice working with business owners

The entrepreneur is my hero. You have a passion and dedication to producing special products and service. You put it all on the line.

You have a story to tell. I help you tell it.


I get you.

I am you.

Impactful You


You have important things to say. Images speak for you. 

I spend time with you to get an appreciation for your qualities and values so that I can deliver work that does justice.


Astounding value.

Pleasing service.


Uniquely Qualified

Strengths that give you a full measure of value

Business Experience

I’ve enjoyed over 30 years of delivering services directly to business owners and executives. In my first job with IBM, I provided interactive online business tools to key executives of Fortune 500 companies. In the past 10+ years, I served as a digital media specialist working with local Treasure Coast businesses managing hundreds of online advertising and marketing campaigns to drive business volume and increase branding. I understand what works and why. 


My work speaks for itself. 


X factor *

My specialty is providing astounding value with photography and video media … delivered in abundance. 

I stay in a relationship with you, putting everything together that speaks for you with images and words, both spoken and written. I know what needs to be done and can take the lead.


Quality work in abundant Quantity

  • Photography
  • Video Media
  • Astounding Value *

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