Logo Design


Treasure Coast Video can enhance your logo to better represent you online.


Your logo represents you and your business. It is key to your branding.

One of the first things we do with new clients is to ensure that the logo represents them favorably online when viewed as animated video.

Often we’ll apply digital enhancements to the logo before making the video ads for the client. The visual quality of the logo may need improvement in appearance … and/or the logo design may not convey an intended message to the desired audience.

Here’s a case example of a business in Stuart that received our logo design touch. We write this story with their blessing and permission. Thank you Floor Specialists of Martin County.

The story has a good ending. The client was delighted with the transformation.

We started with this logo.

We gave it a digital face lift so it really popped on computer and smartphone screens


Video with animated logo design
The improvements better reflect company quality





Next, we discussed ideas with the client how they could better connect with their best customer; homeowners with hardwood floors.

Floor Specialists of Martin County are expert in delivering beautiful hardwood floors. We enhanced their logo design for comfortable identification with luxury buyers of hardwood floors.

This is the one they chose


Here are the design alternatives we gave the client


After completing these logo design enhancements, we made video ads for the world to see on social media. See examples below:




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