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Get started. We take care of everything else. Easy and affordable.

Quarterly 950

Plan for success quarter by quarter. Create six to nine video ads for social media posting. We provide video/photo shoots of your products, services, people, or events as needed. Includes insightful reporting and metrics.

$950 per quarter pre-paid or 3 monthly payments of $433

Optional social media audit $250. 

See price list

Annual 3,000

Your need to increase business volume and brand recognition never stops ... and neither do we.

The annual plan provides maximum focus and continuity to harness the power and creativity of video on social media to drive business volume and favorable recognition. We provide 40 to 50 video ads spread over the year. 

This annual prepaid plan provides a 25% saving over 3 month plan.

Single Job

You receive a quote for a single job. The process stays the same. I need to know what you want to accomplish and why so I can better 'nail it". Prepay. $225 hourly rates apply.

Single headshots $135 per person or $100 each for several people at one photo session.

"We got 50 new customers in one year using these guys"

– Shawn Hearing

" amazing quality and creativity"

– Rodolfo Low

"Spencer delivers amazing value"

– G A Co.

Easy & Affordable Process

Here's what we do together

1. Agree

We first agree on your objectives, what you plan to do with the digital assets your receive, and when you need them. We discuss how you measure success and the supporting reports that need. Payment and work schedule follow.

2. Create

You get continuous delivery of videos and photos that you need to accomplish your purposes. The shooting may take place at your business or in the studio.

The digital files are optimized to your usage purposes; website, online social media, glossy prints, cable TV, etc.

3. Publish

A continual process of posting and publishing different visual content on social media and online. I delver the visual media to you and will gladly assist with trafficking. The most important thing is to get your message out to your target audience.

4. Evaluate

The point of what we do together is building your business volume and brand recognition. Together, we look at results and supporting reports in order to attain continued ROI as you evolve and grow. These business conversations are a continuous process (not a one time thing)

Let's Grow!