Social Media Ads for Business Owners

TV Ads
Expensive to make and run


Social Media Ads
Powerful and practical

Social Media Advertising

Remember when only big business could afford a 30 second spot on TV.  Video production cost were heavy and the costs to actually run the ad were even heavier.

Just One Ad was all you afford. One ad for everyone to see; one ad for all your products or services


Today your audience has dramatically shifted online to social media. Everybody’s there. It’s easier to reach your buyer on Facebook than on TV.

Business owners post information about their products and services on social media. Several posts each month are made to reach customers and build audience.

This calls for multiple video ads on a regular basis. Video ads work best on social media. Video is more engaging. More people watch video and interact with video than with flat posts.



Treasure Coast Video
TreasureCoastVideo! That’s where we come in. We make multiple video ads to keep your customers engaged on social media with your business. Video advertising has always been powerful and now we make it practical as well.
Social media provides a powerful, affordable platform to reach your customers and assure they see your message frequently.

Social media targeting is by far the best way to reach your best customer. You get to decide who gets to see your message … who are your customer look-a-likes … location  … demographics and life style.

We help you get your message to all the right customers, with the right frequency.

You receive high quality ads that resonate with your customer. And not just one, but enough to keep your customers engaged month after month.


  1. Reach: How many people see it?
  2. Frequency: How many times they see it?
  3. Targeting: who get to see it?
  4. Quality message and design: do they respond to it?


Treasure Coast Video

Short and Sweet: We know what works best to give you a good return. We design for specific social media platforms. Often your Facebook ad could be somewhat different from your ad running on YouTube. In most cases shorter is sweeter

For example, have you noticed paid ads on YouTube which play before you view the video that you selected? Did you also notice that you must watch the short ads to completion? You can’t skip them. These 6 second bumper ads offer great value … but they are tricky to design because they must be short and to the point.

Whether 6 second bumper ads or full length 30 second commercials, we do it all in a way that best fits your budget and needs.




Treasure Coast Video
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