The Studio Interview

Be Our Guest

You are invited to be a guest on our show to do a short segment on topics of interest to our viewing audience. The show will air on our video channel.

We feature local businesses


 the invitation

You’re the guest

 there is no cost

Our shows are informative and entertaining.

We feature local business owners who have interesting stories and have leadership expertise in their line of business. We promote a positive Treasure Coast business climate with an interesting variety of coverage.

You will appear as our guest. Just bring your best self and any product you want to be seen on video. We take it from there.

No strings attached.


 the interview

We make you look good


Everything is all set up; video cams, lighting, sound, and a huge green screen. We’ll spend some time before hand prepping for the interview and completing a release form. As with any business, there are a few key points that our viewing audience would find helpful to know.


Wayne Filowitz, senior partner, has conducted over 25,000 such interviews. He has a gift of putting people at ease and engaging them to capture content that is educational and entertaining. We think you’ll enjoy the experience..

DON’T WEAR GREEN.  The interview will last 10 – 12 minutes.  Allow for a total of 45 minutes with us.  Please be on time.

bring your best self

“The experience exceeded all expectations”


shawn hearing

owner, therapeutic touch


 airing the show

we post the show

We edit the video, place our logo on the background and then post the show for all to see. You are encouraged to share your video with friends and associates.

We deliver engaging product that people like to watch. So this is a win-win for both of us.

You’re our studio guest and we’re delighted to provide all this at absolutely no charge, no strings attached.

Purchase Options

Purchase video clip

Many business owners really like their video interview and purchase a customized version for their own marketing and promotion usage. You’ll own the video.

video marketing options

We offer a full suite of video marketing services. You may elect to employ various marketing options that best fit your needs.

Customized version

We’ll deliver a custom edited version with your company logo, business contact information and relevant photos that you supply.

Ala Carte or annual

Your needs may vary from one-time short term requirements or longer term programs to increase branding and recognition.

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