Video Marketing

WRPBiTV & Treasure Coast Video provide a powerful suite of video marketing services to business owners

Video Studio Services

We craft professional video and photography to tell your story and build brand awareness.

Business Video Channel

Get a custom YouTube channel where new customers can find you and loyal subscribers follow you.

Event Marketing

Live video streaming of your company event to Facebook, YouTube or your Website. Bring your event to the world.

Manage Social

We provide excellent social content. We also can manage posting your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with up to 30 monthly posts.

In-studio interviews

Skilled interviewers help you tell your story. We put you at ease so viewers will like you, trust you, and stay connected.


Video adversiting

The best way to reach new customers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. We make it practical and affordable.

Custom Business Persona

Firmly establish yourself and your business as a leader in your field with your own video show that will set you apart from the pack.


“Where the magic happens…”

In studio interviews


Professional videos to tell your story and connect with viewers.


Professional photography and studio lighting for your people and products


A squdron of video drones to capture special exterior and interior viewpoints. Flown by 107  licensed pilots

Motion Grapics

Attract customer attention with professional digital animation tastefully composed






the benefits are obvious

*including a video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%

**marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.


80% increase conversion*


49% faster revenue growth**

If a picture is worth 1,000  words … just image how valuable video must be

Astounding Value

  • Photography
  • Video Media
  • Amazing Marketing ImpacT


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We work with Florida business owners, large and small,  who want high impact marketing to build loyal followers and attract new customers

Do you Offer Long Term Services?

YES. Most of our customers maintain annual service agreements with us. We also accommodate special one time visits to our studio.

We need assistance with social media. Can you help?

Our video content is optimized specifically for different types of social media, including: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

We offer MANAGE SOCIAL to help you with social posting or to take care of your entire social media program.

IS YOUR video suitable for broadcast TV?

Absolutely! We follow broadcast specs. You get ultra high resolution 4K video, expert motion graphics, and professional sound editing. 

Keeping Pace With Your Business

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