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Photography and Video Media Services

Put your business in the best light 


Branding & Promotion With Video Ads

Photography and video media services to represent your business on websites, social media, and digital media 

Brand Your Products & Service

You often have precious few seconds to connect with potential new clients. Professional images and video do the job for you.

Promote Your People & Events

You and your staff provide valuable services . Professional photography and studio lighting place your people in the best light and promote your events.

Video advertising

Video is THE #1 way to reach and influence your customers. We provide a practical and effective means to do it.

Video Promotion

Consumers seek information relevant to their purchase. Providing concise, thoughtful video is a most effective way to provide desired information to your consumer and to set your business apart from the pack.



NEED MORE ?  You may want several videos for different business purposes

GET MORE !  We make many video ads from a single recording session

Social Media

A most powerful way to increase Facebook engagement is to post impactful ads tailored to your clients. Separate yourself from the clutter.


Including video in your landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Convert your consumers with video content.

Online Advertising

Boosting video posts yields amazing increases in viewing and engagement … with even modest spends. Target new customers who would not otherwise see your post. You only pay for completed video views on YouTube.

Your customers much prefer to see a video about your product than read about it. Make the most of every opportunity to convert buyers.

Branding Opportunity

Your Products

Your Customer’s Lifestyle

Your Service


Your People

Plan for a Better Future

I work with business owners to produce visual content that will grow revenue.

My clients are busy providing superior service. They trust me to take the lead and keep getting desired results … quarter after quarter.

the benefits are obvious

*including a video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%

**marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.


80% increase conversion*


49% faster revenue growth**


If a picture is worth 1,000  words, just image how valuable video must be


My Specialty Is Providing Astounding Value *

  • Photography
  • Video Media
  • Astounding Value *


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
      I work with local Treasure Coast business owners of all sizes and descriptions who want to enhance their image with professional photography and videography.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
    YES. Your business and your customer’s interests constantly change. My clients opt for annual contracts at 30% discount which allow them an easy, inexpensive way to keep current with updated messaging.    
How do I get additional information not found in this website?
Call me. Spencer Rutledge @ 561.601.4209          

Keeping pace with your business

Let us help you grow Your business

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