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Get started. We take care of everything else. Easy and affordable.

Annual 2,400

The point of what we do together is to increase your business and improve customer perception. The need for this doesn’t change.

Customers change, your business changes … providing the opportunity to stay fresh in the eyes of your customer.

This annual prepaid plan provides a 25% saving over 3 month plan.

Quarterly 750

We plan for success quarter by quarter keeping you ahead of the curve. Whether you prepay annually or by quarter, the value of the video and photography services that you receive by far outweigh single jobs value. 


Single Job

Your receive a quote for a single job. The process stays the same. I need to know what you want to accomplish and why so I can better ‘nail it”. Prepay. $225 hourly rates apply.

Single headshots $135 or $100 per person for several people at one photo session.

"I get new business by posting professional photos on social media"

– Shawn Hearing.

" my video ads getresults"

– Divi Co.

"Spencer delivers amazing value"

– G A Co.

Easy & Affordable Process

Here's what we do together

1. Agree

We first agree on your objectives, what you plan to do with the digital assets your receive, and when you need them. Payment and work schedule follow.

2. Create

I complete the videos and photos that you need to accomplish your purposes. The shooting may take place at your business and/or my studio.

You and/or your agency receive digital files that are optimized to your usage purposes; website, glossy prints, online social media, cable TV, etc

3. Publish

You and/or your agency are responsible to post and publish your visual assets to intended media. I have experience with this process and can assist if needed. 

4. Evaluate

The whole point of what we do is to improve your business and how you are perceived by your customers. Together, we look at results and continue to do more.

Let's Grow!